dal - dale

Light, and the condition of the natural and the artifical in the way we perceive.
In my work I am interested in the movement of time and light and how it forms and influences our sense of perception. Being brought up in a country where the different seasons and peoples lives are strongly formed and influenced by the change of light, I think it is interesting to see how this also influence our perception on an analytic and personal level. Through a camera, (or the eye) you can choose how much light you want to give an image, you can manipulate what you see in the same way as we, through our cultural background, intellect and emotions, interpret and make personal changes to what we see. I am interested in the nature of light, in the movement and the immaterial changes of light. The changes from dark to light, night to day, natural to artifical and how this fysically effects our visual experience.


dal - dale

Still images from videos Aurlandsfjorden Norway and stone formations Yorkshire
Photo Arts 2000, Leeds City Art Gallery
Fruitmarked Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

Still images Tone Myskja
Technical support Inge Norum FotoPhono

Video Canon

Video, edit Tone Myskja
Sounddesign Jon Balke

Exhibited DIXI 1995
Form against background, Atopia 2013


Video on vimeo