oase - blendverk

The basic idea to the installation came after reading the book “LILA- an enquiry into morals” of Robert M. Pirsig
He wrote; “Not subject and object, but static and dynamic is the basic division of reality.”
What is natural and what is real? I wanted to create two contrasting rooms, one synthetic, formalistic space and the other more chaotic, dynamic with many layers of information.
When I started working with the material things changed and the two rooms became more integrated.
OASE (Oasis) - The basis for the videostillimages printed on canvas are landscape with sheep. Through a datafailure and my further touch up of this, the images were transformed to digital elements in a kind of abstract paintings. In some of the images you can still recognize the landscape. Between the images the walls are painted in strong colours, and on the floor there is synthetic grass and one little sheep. The videostillimages have to “compete” with the coloured walls, an elemet that displaces the framing of the work. I am interested in how you through a change of perspective, and also letting different layers and angels cross each other, create a more complex view on what you see.
Blendverk (Mirage) - Is a monumental video projected onto a wall. The video is a structured and rythmic imagesequence where digital reworked house facades change, move, fall to pieces  and are replaced of new. The facade hide and keep in place a dynamic space which you see in glimses before it changes into something else. Memories of places you have lived, trees and clotheslines passes by. The scene changes, colours move, images replace each other before the facades start moving more slowly and even stop before it all starts again going towards a decomposition. For my work I have always been interested in music, movement and composition which  I feel is closely related to the way I try build up a work.


oase - blendverk

Was first shown at Akershus Art Center 2000
Blendverk was also exhibited at The Drawing Biennale 2002

Video, edit, still images Tone Myskja
Sound-design Jon Balke


Video at vimeo