- The videoinstallation work "Ning" is based on a fictionary concept written of in the book "See under: love" by David Grossman. He uses the word ning to describe how the fish moves in relation to each other in a fishstream. A type of coagulating energy that is controlling the movement, developement and direction of travel.
- "The large ning as a kind of gathering element which guides the movement and decides when the fish swim together when they swim apart, when they turn. Ning that guides and at the same time open for variation, coincidence and spontaniety. The "moving" needs a direction to move itself in." - David Grossman

The idea about ning can also be related to other forms of movement, - our thoughts, sight, language, developement of organisms in nature, bodily movement, - and in my video work "Ning" I use it as a foundation for an abstracted fabulation.



- videoinstallation for the exhibition AJAR
Gallery F-15, 1997

Video, edit Tone Myskja
Aquarelle drawings Tone Myskja

The work was collected by The Nordic Aquarelle Museum, Skärhamn, Sweden. The work was part of their opening exhibition in 2000.
Touring exhibition in Sweden