stages and storeys

The last years I have been involved in projects related to music and dance performances. Stages and Storeys is a work evolving from these experiences. The installation consist of two videoprojections, a red floor, a thousand books and three different layers of sound. In my work I am interested in language, movement and perception and in this particular work I wanted to work with a complexity of different layers interweaved and also in some way stage the viewer into my work. This was inspired from my stagework and also Italo Calvino´s book «If on a Winter´s Night a Traveler» and how this book makes the viewer involved/responsible in reading of the story.

Three different soundtracks played simultaniously, each loop with a different timespan. The videoprojections also had different timespans and the quality of expression was different although the basic material was collected from the same videoshoot.


stages and storeys

Video and sound installation at
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo November 2006.

Video, edit, director Tone Myskja
Sound-design Jon Balke
Cinematographer – Hilde Malme
Performer - Halldis Olafsdottir
Light Design – Knut Haraldsen,

Special Effects – Pål Morten Hverven,
Assistants – Gabriella Göransson and Brita Skybak

Stages and Storeys was prodused wih the support of The Norwegian Arts Council, Kunstnernes Hus and NOTAM.