streif - postcard 1 - 7

Streif, (Postkort 1 – 8) is a video comission made after participating in a site specific and culture heritage project in Groruddalen, Oslo in 2008. Participants in the video are 7th grade students I was working with in the project. It was visual meeting with a diverse group of 7th grades where 31 students have backgrounds from 12 different countries. I was interested in some of the thoughts, feelings and wishes the young students were having for their nearby environment and their own future. Gran school is situated in the area of Oslo with the biggest immigrant population, and the video gives us a little glimse into the daily lives of these students. They are young people with strong personal feelings for their communities and their own future.


streif - postkort 1 - 7

The video was part of a touring program in secondary schools, Akershus 2009 – 2010 in connection with Pilotgalleriet – Akershus Art Center.

Video, edit, director / Tone Myskja
Sound-design / Jon Balke
Cinematographer / Hilde Malme
Performers / students at Gran School