The magic well

Brønnen som hvisker om natten

Interactive sound and videoinstallation for children and adults. A sophisticated video and sound installation exploring the relation between new media and mythological imagery and themes from European fairytales. The installation consists of 2 parts; The Well and The Book. The Well, never still, mysterious and dreamy, changing in blue and green seascapes. Revealing deep waters in which you discover familiar faces or the outline of people passing and secret places. You hear fragments of speech, recognise rhymes, bits of songs and luring voices.
Leaning onto the wall you see the big book of stories. It calls up the stories from the red wood, the dancing shoes, the treasures hidden in the mountain of glass and manny more.
The little magic helper is running across the colored pages. An enchanted insect floffs its wings. See also Mobile Homes pages.


the magic well

The Magic Well was premiered at Henie-Onstad Artcenter 7 th. february 2008. Earlier versions of the work was exhibited in Odense and Århus, Denmark in 2006 – 2007.

The Magic well is a collaboration between
Tone Myskja, Zoe Christiansen and Sven Erga.

Filming and editing by
Tone Myskja and Zoe Christiansen,
Music and Sound design by Sven Erga.
The narrator: Annalisa Dal Pra.
The Magic Well was prodused by The Red Shoes Productioncompany and Mobile Homes wih the support of The Norwegian Arts Council, Heine Onstad Artsenter and NOTAM