The Still Point Of the turning world

“The Still Point of the Turning World” is a video installation consisting of three parallel videos, synchronised to the same soundtrack, but projected onto separate elements in the gallery space. The work can be seen as a poetic-political collage. The images act as stations, it is not a concrete story but parallel realities that work simultaneously tangent to each other. The story is told alternating between the private sphere and the outside world.
Tone Myskja has a sculptural and musical approach to working with video and composes complex and compound videos and installations. 
Her work exist between different artistic disciplines ; performing arts, music, visual arts and literature.
Thematically, much of her work relates to the complexity of language, identity and perception.


the still point of the turning world

Was filmed at three different locations; Spikkestad School that was contaminated the day after we filed there, The Røst Island, one of Norway's most remote islands and at Black Box Theatre, Oslo.

Video, edit, director Tone Myskja
Sounddesign: Kamilya Jubran/Werner Hasler
Cinematographer: Hilde Malme
Performers: Brita Skybak, Lars Brunborg,
Hildegunn Pettersen, Magnus Myhr

Exhibition Photos: Annar Bjørgli