traffic -
One Map Use - Many Ways of Looking

The work is related to how complex signsystems and change of viewpoints affect and influence our choices and perception. The rythmical structures in different types of organisms, movements, language etc. infiltrate and grow together through our interpretation and senses.

- The maps we make in our minds embody experience exactly as paper maps do, accumulated as we have made our way through the world in the activity of living.
The simple schemata with which we came into the world, our early suckling and crawling and grasping and peek - abooing, all mapped a web of simple topological relations. This provided a substrate for the etching - as we moved out into the schoolyard and the neighborhood, as we explored the woods behind grandma`s house or the meadows down beyond the creek - of spatial relations invariant under changes in point of view. Once we coordinated these, we could begin the construction of systems of reference invariant under changes in location we could begin making.... maps. It is all labor, it is all work, the construction of these mental realms; and when we draw on them - for even the most mundane activity - we are bringing present this wealth we have laid up through the sweat of our brows.-

Denis Wood "The power of maps”

The main video is made by filming 7 different coloured A4 sheets of paper and through the camera and the computer edited them together to make out a rythmical pattern and a fictional system. The floor in the exhibition space is lifted 25 cm, the video is projected down onto the real floor in a rectangular scape. The video projected onto the box on the wall, show rain falling on water, an organic movement making cicular shapes.The floor and the edges of floor and the box on the wall are painted in different colours. The videobox on the wall fits into the hole in the new floor. If the two objects are put together, the floor will become a flat surface of yellow and you are back where I started, with a piece of coloured paper.
The public could walk on the floor/work.


traffic -
One Map Use - Many Ways of Looking

The videowork Traffic was shown at the “Screens” exhibition, Trondheim Art Museum 1997
Momentum, Contemporary Nordic Art festival 1998

Video, edit Tone Myskja
Sound-design Jon Balke

Composition in red, yellow and blue

Video shown at Momentum, Nordic Contemporary Art Festival